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Neath Comedy Festival | Venues

Neath Comedy Festival 2018 venues can be located on our map, click on the venue’s name in the key below for more information.

2019 Neath Comedy Festival Venue Map Resolven NCF 2018 MAP


  1. Gwyn Hall
  2. Neath Community Centre
  3. Neath Cricket Club
  4. Neath Little Theatre
  5. Neath RFC
  6. Neath Town Hall
  7. The Arch
  8. The Bluebell Hotel
  9. The Duke (Home of Clown’s Pocket Comedy Club)
  10. (X) The Miners’ Welfare (Resolven)

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Car Parking:
Neath Multi-Storey Car Park | Prince of Wales Drive, Neath SA11 3BY (Click for Google Maps)

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