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about neath comedy festival 2019

Neath Comedy Festival is the brainchild of Neath-based stand-up comic Paul James, who started performing in 2009 and launched a monthly comedy club called The Clown’s Pocket. Household names including Mark Thomas, Rufus Hound, Milton Jones and Stewart Francis, who have all performed in Neath Comedy Festival, enjoyed it so much, a mini week-long festival was developed. A few years in and Paul teamed up with Spain’s best export Ignacio Lopez (as Seen on BBC Sesh), and together they have evolved Neath Comedy Festival into a month-long festival of comedy across Neath.

The festival began seven years ago, Paul James said: “In 2010 people were saying ‘What? In Neath? It will never work’. Seven years on people in the area and beyond have shown that we love a laugh as much as anyone and there is an appetite here for world class stand up comedy.”

In partnership with business group ‘Neath Inspired’, Neath Comedy Festival are building an event that will bring some of the most talented comics in the world to South Wales ahead of their Edinburgh Fringe Festival performances, and also provide a platform for developing local talent.

More details can be found at Neath Comedy Festival on Facebook.

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